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  • Reduce business risks connected to future climate policy
  • Increase customer loyalty through transparency and quantitative climate labels on your products
  • Win procurements with reliable third-party data on climate footprints
  • Highlight your awesomeness compared to your competitors or to benchmarks
  • Reduce climate footprints with quantified climate footprints throughout the production chain and hotspot identification. Focus efforts where you get the most bang for the buck
  • Save time & money with climate calculations 90% faster & cheaper than traditional LCA-based methods
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The climate impact of food

Food accounts for nearly 25% of the world's total emissions of greenhouse gases. Good news is that European food consumers have the potential to reduce their climate footprint from eating with over 60% without downsides.
Climate calculations based on over 20 years of research

Today, all sectors of the economy contribute to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases. These emissions together cause the temperature of Earth to slowly rise.

From the perspective of the private consumption of a typical Swede, around 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food consumption. Reducing the climate footprint of food is therefore an important part of reaching our climate targets. There are large differences in climate footprint between different types of food.

Therefore, by simply choosing what to eat, consumers can make a significant reduction in their personal climate footprints. But of course, there is also a potential to reduce the climate footprint from any specific product.
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  • The food system accounts for nearly 25% of the world's total emissions. The largest potential for reducing these emissions lies in the consumer stage.

  • 1 Kg beef has the same carbon footprint as driving a normal-sized car 140Km

  • The average Swede can reduce their emissions from food with over 60%.

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